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April Featured Exhibit - Sandi Hauanio and visiting artist Jen Broemel

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"One of my favorite things to do is to explore new cities. Each city's architecture is unique and breaks down into simple shapes, lines, patterns and textures - endless inspiration for me. These simple shapes become a vehicle for the bright colors I like to use. It can take many hours of contemplation and countless practice color combinations to convey the feeling I'm after. When creating work by hand, I like to draw with colored pencils and graphite and draw on either paper or basswood and plywood panels. I also create images digitally on my computer. These become Giclee prints and are sold from my Etsy shop."

Sandi received a B.F.A degree from Herron School of Art and Design in furniture design and woodworking in 1994 and is licensed through Out of the Blue to online print publishers. Find Sandi on Etsy: I Follow Sandi on Instagram: @9housedesign

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Jen Broemel is a self taught textile artist. She is drawn to the process. She is especially interested in taking everyday fabrics and working them into something beautiful; unexpected. Her intention is to inspire others to look at the world more mindfully, more carefully. Hoping they can find beauty in the minute and mundane, and show them, these are the miracles of life
... every day, every stitch ... EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.