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Amy Greely - Guest Artist

MEDIUM: Jewelry

“I view jewelry as super small works of art. Each piece is a tiny sculpture that helps communicate personal sensibilities to the wearer.”

Early training in sculpture at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, IN greatly influences Amy’s current work.  Those years honed strong design sensibilities and a love for metal, yet it would be decades before those interests would become a profession.

“Seeking an adventure, my husband and I traded our life in the city for a bit of land and a crumbling farm house with the notion of building a cut flower farm.  It is here, on hands and knees in the soil, that I became enamored and entranced by plants of all kinds and the subtle beauty in the changing seasons”, Amy states.


“As each spring led to the next, our business grew to include a retail store in the art colony of Nashville in Brown County, Indiana where a chance encounter with a local artist re-kindled my love of metal and sparked a return to creative expression.

“Further studies at Indiana University provided knowledge and experience in traditional metalsmithing techniques. In 1998 Amy Greely Studio was established with its first line of jewelry and it continues to grow today, represented by numerous galleries throughout the country. It has been juried in to the prestigious Indiana Artisan group.

Now living deep in the woods, Amy maintains studios both at home and in downtown Nashville, and is continually inspired by the beauty and creative history of the area.


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December Featured Exhibits - Susan Kline - Guest Artist and 12" x 12" small artwork by Member Artists

Susan Kline

MEDIUM: Mixed Media Artist the first word I think of when someone asks me about my art!

It is a direct line from my heart to my's trials and blessings play a VERY large part in what makes my art so important to me. To be given such a wonderful gift, to be shared with others, to bring joy and laughter to one's heart, to sooth a troubled heart, art to caress you with a reassure you that "this too shall pass".

My method of madness...

I begin each piece on wood, applying old book pages, sheet music and found papers. I then add cut outs from hand painted and mono printed papers in layers. The final step of oil pastels and pencil are then added...and of course, LOTS OF LOVE!!!!


Small Artwork (12" x 12") by 2-D Member Artists

The two dimensional member artists will exhibit small artwork which will be perfect for holiday gifts!

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