Sylvia Gray

MEDIUM: Surface Design Artist


My wearables and scarves are mostly silk, sometimes they are rayon or cotton. I start with a white scarf or garment these are my canvases. I do not sew. 1 embellish the surface of my artworks using a variety of techniques. A method of Arashi Shibori , an ancient Japanese style of tied resist. The Iapanese tied and scrunched the silk on bamboo I use pvc pipe to create my designs. I often use silk screening. These are hand drawn designs I have created or found objects that I have photographed and made into a silk screen. I hand paint my scarves and wall hanging. I have created many silk pieces by painting from live models, pictures of people’s pets, floral designs, and abstract designs from my imagination.

I love dividing space and creating beautiful patterns using shapes and color.

Artist Statement

My work IS an exploration of shape, color and design, inspired by nature. I begin by breaking down the individual components of what I am seeing into shapes, and then try to find the right balance of color to express a mood. I love to find the beauty and harmony in what I see and feel and then convey it through my work.

Some of the artists that have influenced me are Van Gogh, Kandinsky, and Wolf Kahn.



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Wearable Art