Peter Falk

MEDIUM: Fine woodworking


One of Peter’s earliest memories is sitting on the workbench, straddling the vise which held a board he and his brother were carving into a dugout canoe. Those early canoes and airplanes crafted for their GI Joe men bore the earmark of Peter’s values in wood art – artwork, refined and carefully designed, for daily use. Peter realized he had a heritage in woodworking. Motivated by furniture items in his home made by his father, a grandfather, and both great-great-grandfathers, Peter began dreaming of creating heritage furniture that would have the structural strength and integrity as well as the artistic design to be prized for generations. As a teenager, he expanded his furniture making skills when a gentleman taught him to scale and design furniture according to a customer’s ideas; Peter would not need to be dependent upon someone’s printed plans. He began to complete custom furniture orders. By the end of his 10 year 4-H career, he received the Indiana Wood Science award. Peter worked for a custom home builder and realized even more that his specialty was the fine trim work. A furniture maker introduced him to marquetry which Peter began incorporating into his furniture repertoire. An opportunity to work for a historical carpenter in the Boston, MA area enabled him to further refine his skills. A highlight in his Boston years was to study with the master carver and teacher Dimitrios Klitsas for five years. Dimitrios taught Peter to “see” and then trained his hands to carve what the mind saw. Believing that art is not exclusive to New York City and Boston, Peter moved to Indiana where his family resides. He began developing Falk Wood Studio in the rural setting, where he also enjoys tending cows, bees and poultry. In his surroundings, Peter sees details in the created world which inspire his wood art. With a portable sawmill, he also can provide local wood for projects, going from “tree to table.” He juried into the Indiana Artisans in 2012; he has encouraged the furniture makers in that organization to form the Furniture Guild of Indiana Artisans. He has exhibited in different galleries and art fairs in central Indiana. He also has exhibited at the Indiana Artisan Marketplace, the Kentucky Crafted Market, and Fine Furnishing Show in Minneapolis.



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I am passionate about the joy and beauty of wood. In my work, I transform the beauty of trees into finely designed and crafted custom furniture. I strive to combine the properties of the wood species, grains and colors with aesthetically appealing lines and designs into furniture and sculpture. Depth, space, and light are features I build into my work. By incorporating carving or marquetry, I can capture and celebrate a moment in time. One unique service I have is to mill a tree and then design and make that log into a special piece of art or furniture for a client’s “story” for generations to come.