Nancy Keating

MEDIUM: Contemporary mosaics


Light, color, reflection

A mosaic artist for 20 years, I began in mixed media mosaic with a focus on garden art, using mainly ceramic and found objects. Indiana has a long history in glass, and over time my “mosaic direction” shifted to include original fine art glass mosaic.

What I enjoy about mosaics is the process of seeing in my mind all the pieces and parts, the colors and textures, the shapes and movement, and bringing this mosaic of ideas together as art. And then, of course …It makes me happy.

One of my goals is for my mosaics to express the fun I have in creating them. I call many of my works ‘Fun Art.’ I love to re-purpose and re-cycle, creating original conceptual works with discarded vintage objects… and add a touch of whimsy.

My style is heavily influenced by travel in the U.S. and abroad, and I find particular inspiration in the brightly colored mosaics of Antonio Gaudi of Barcelona, Spain.

To hone my artistic and mosaic technique, I trained at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, California; and I also have studied with renowned mosaic artists, including Laurel True and Isaiah Zagar. My self-study includes work with tradesmen and professional tile installers where I gained technical expertise.

I work in my Carmel, Indiana studio and have created countless mosaic pieces, including public works of art and architectural residential installations.



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My mind bursts with colors and textures, pieces and parts, shapes and movement. Bringing this mosaic of ideas together in my art brings me tranquility. 
I work in contemporary mosaic art for the joy and the happiness it brings me. The process of creating a whole from the pieces continues to gratify and delight me.
There are no hard fast rules in contemporary mosaic art. I am free to color outside the lines and create with unlimited substrates and a myriad of tesserae and mediums… glass, mirror, stone, ceramic, china, found objects, old jewelry.
The meaning of my art is simple:  to impart joy. I want people to be drawn to the colors, the textures, the reflections of light ...and perhaps smile.