Lynne Medsker

MEDIUM: Mixed Media Art


As long as I can remember I've been driven by my imagination and an inquisitive mind. To me this world is a giant puzzle, full of possibilities. It inspires me to explore, through my art, all the amazing ways that the pieces can connect. Choosing what materials to use, what textures and colors will express the story I want to tell, and how best to fit them all together has become my passion in life.

Since childhood numbers, geometry, and the intricate patterns of words and language, have held a spell on me that continues to this day. Spending much of my youth outdoors also developed a deep love and appreciation of nature. Those influences, coupled with my desire to explore, are what motivate me to express myself artistically. 

The resulting creations are in private and corporate collections in the US and abroad. I've shared my art in numerous local shows and it has been included in exhibits in over a dozen states across the US, including ones in Cincinnati, Chicago, Washington DC, Phoenix and New York.

Except for basic art instruction in high school and select workshops as an adult, I am a self-educated artist. My curiosity has led me explore many artistic techniques, blending bits and pieces of each into my current style of work. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for artistic exploration in workshops and one-on-one instruction with other creative souls. 

When I’m not creating my art I indulge my love for letters, numbers and language by solving a variety of puzzles and playing word games on a daily basis. I am also guilty of an addiction to watching Jeopardy each evening, as well as trying to solve murder mysteries before the detectives do! I am at my happiest on the road exploring the beauty of nature, camera in hand. Drawing from those travels is wonderful inspiration for my art.


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