Lacy McKinlay Pearson

MEDIUM: Abstract mixed media


Born and raised in Utah, Lacy McKinlay Pearson is a self taught artist living in Indiana. Her early education and career focused on radiography, clinical education, and medical sales where she traveled all over the western United States.  In 2007 she moved to the Midwest and within a few years became a wife and mother. Embracing this new role and attempting to balance the challenges it presented, she began to explore her passion for creative expression. She spent years learning and experimenting with many different mediums. It was when she discovered fluid paints and inks that her passion for painting was ignited.

Her paintings begin with a thoughtfully planned color palette and a clear mind. She utilizes pouring, her hands, air, brushes and gravity to guide the inks. She also makes use of acrylic paints, watercolor, gouache, pastels, and metal leafing throughout her work.

Lacy continually seeks to grow as an artist through knowledge and experience. Much of her time focuses on understanding technique and putting it into practice, which is why she immerses herself in classes and workshops whenever possible.

Today, Lacy lives, works, and studies in Carmel, Indiana. She loves spending time with her husband, 3 children and her sweet dog Piper. Beyond art, she dedicates her time to family, friends, yoga, travel, and supporting the local community.


My work is an exploration into the process of expressing emotion and impressions from personal experience through the use of inks and fluid paints to create abstract art. The desire to approach my painting in this way comes from the longing to communicate my deep love and appreciation of my world. As a highly sensitive introvert, I have found it difficult to fully convey how I feel through language my entire life. Painting has given me my voice.

The unpredictable and fluid nature of the paint and inks I work with force me to let go of expectations and stay in the present moment. It requires me to trust my intuition and react to the quickly changing medium. I am always fascinated to watch the pigments move and flow as I work. It reminds me daily that nothing in our world remains the same and I am lucky enough to capture a single moment to share with others. I paint with the intent of giving my viewers a gift. I want each person to have an individual experience with the moment or emotion I am hoping to capture.


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