Heather Fidler

MEDIUM: Contemporary Mandala Artist


I sold my first art piece in the 1st grade and it was a thrill.  And while I have moved on from making on-demand unicorn drawings, I continue to love the energy and joy that comes from creating!  My passion is Mandala which in Sanskrit means circle. Mandala’s circular patterns are all around us in art, architecture, nature and religion.  I became a lover of the Mandala after learning about them simultaneously in both art and geometry classes during high school.  I was fascinated with the idea that art could also embody math and science!?  It was instant LOVE and I have been creating them ever since.   My Mandalas are influenced by the Buddhist sand Mandalas which are meticulously created from colored sand by Buddhist monks over several weeks only to be ritualistically destroyed and the sand released again into a body of moving water.

Though beautiful works of art, Mandalas can also be used as a meditation tool.  In recent years, there has been a movement toward coloring Mandalas as a means of stress relief.  The design options and color choices are limitless.  There is certainly a magical quality to them.   My media of choice is colored pencil and ink on paper or art board.  More recently, I have been exploring the world of resin which is very exciting.

Website: heatherfidler.com


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