Freddie Kelvin

MEDIUM: Fine art photographs


Photography has always interested me; maybe that explains why I became a radiologist!

As I approached retiring from this work role, I became more enthralled by the opportunities to photograph the world around me-both while satisfying my love for travel and being back home.

My involvement with nature photography was further stimulated by taking several workshops in the American Far West. I’ve become increasingly fascinated by water and reflections, where the worlds of reality and dreams collide.

Passionate support for the performing arts is vitally important to me. I am privileged to photograph Dance Kaleidoscope, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and other performing companies.

Selected exhibitions in Indianapolis include Clowes Memorial Hall, the Hilbert Circle Theater and Kuaba Gallery.  Elsewhere, I have shown in Austin, Texas and Akko in northern Israel. Communicating my love for photography has been made possible by being an Artist-in-Residence at Park Tudor School in Indianapolis.

My works have been obtained for private collections in New York City, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado and British Columbia.   

My photographs can be seen at:, at: freddiekelvin on Instagram, and at: Freddie Kelvin on Facebook

To contact:  E-mail: Phone (317) 816 9021


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What I choose to photograph has always been based on instinct. I shoot whatever moves me…whatever catches my eye. The essential act is seeing; seeing and reacting with excitement. Photography is a critical means by which I express my feelings. Without it, my life would- quite simply - be incomplete.