Debbie Slack

MEDIUM: Oil paintings


Debbie, a graduate of Indiana university, wife and mother of three, has had a lifelong appreciation of art. In 2009, she enrolled in a local art class and hasn't stopped painting. She continues to study and grow as an artist and has participated in numerous local and regional art fairs and galleries. She also has a passion for service and often uses her art to help others.


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I choose to see beauty, light and color in the world. This is what drives me to paint...whether it is a field of flowers, a simple pear or a bustling city street, I'm always striving to capture those elusive qualities of color and light as well as the beauty in the everyday. I believe an artist paints what is in their soul and whether I'm working on a colorful abstract, or a traditional still life, I hope the passion and joy that I find in the process makes its way to the viewer.